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Welcome Focubug Technologies as our partner on FPAW!

With Focusbug Technologies We are excited to welcome another partner onto the FPAW platform. As you know, we are only looking for partners, who have a strong connection to the community and who bring value to the FPAW platform. With this in mind, it is our honor to welcome Laird Pierce and Focusbug! We know, that a lot of you guys are working with the CineRT from Focusbug, which became kind of a standard tool in terms of distance measuring, even it is still a relatively young company.

The advantage of young and lean companies is, that they are often more open to customer feedback and willing to implement and develop new requested features, asked by their users.

So let`s join the Focusbug User Group wish them a warm welcome and engage with Laird and the Focusbug team for an easier future life on set ;)

Meet Laird Pierce , Designer and Sales Director (1st AC, IATSE ICG 669):

Hey there!

My 18 years in the Vancouver film industry as a camera assistant led to co-founding Focusbug Technologies in 2015. My 1st AC experience, combined with the programming/electronics skills of my business partner Jon Ritchie, allowed for the development of the Cine RT System. The global AC community has supported us from the start and, in return, we strive to continue to innovate and create new tools to assist in the art of focus pulling.

Follow Laird on FPAW


Focusbug FPAW Partnership Press Release:

Hello Community! We are excited to announce our partnership with FPAW and are looking forward to using the platform as a home base to offer you the latest news, media, and support for the Focusbug Cine RT System. We believe that our presence among the other partners will enhance the overall discussion concerning how to serve you better in the art of keeping things sharp - our prime directive! From the start, our open dialogue with the AC community has been exceptionally influential in the evolution of our products and we believe that our increased accessibility via FPAW will take that discourse to the next level.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Laird Pierce, Focusbug

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