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The Chaos Show - SISU Sessions

Originally we wanted to wait for posting all videos of the Chaos Show at once. However we think that SISU have done such an amazing job, that it was worth to do a separate blog post, exclusive with their recorded sessions. If we would have an award for best and most innovative Session of the Chaos Show, Sisu would have definitely won this award this year.

Please enjoy... more videos of the Chaos Show and a general review and vision, of where the Chaos Show is going, will be posted soon.

Why You Are Seeing More Robots on Set

Over the last decade, robots have made their way over from industrial work to film sets and they offer filmmakers a handful of capabilities that are otherwise impossible. In this session, we’ll talk about those capabilities, discuss the advantages of the SISU system, and answer any robot-related questions that you might have.

Robots, Virtual Production & the Future of Cinematography

Virtual Production (VP) is sweeping across the industry faster than any tech in history and for a good reason. In this session, we'll visit Remedy Films' studio to discover the power of VP and see how to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real.

Shooting a Dance Video with a High-Speed Robot

Curious what it’s like to work with a robot? Join us on set as we shoot a flashy choreographed music video and walkthrough the workflow.

New Product Release! Visual Engineering & High-Speed Cinematography

We've all seen the ice and drink crashing into the glass in slo-mo and the hamburger pieces perfectly falling into place, but how do they capture such eye candy? In this session, we're going to announce an exciting new product and then bring in our partners at 8183 Productions to answer this question.

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