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The Chaos Show - Registrations are open now!

Join us for some Chaos! Registrations are open now!

The Chaos Show is opening up for registrations for the second time and there are some amazing Live Sessions happening with a lot of special guests and Live-Workshops.

Go to and book your slots for some Chaos!

Here is an overview about the Sessions:

Why You Are Seeing More Robots On Set

In this session, we’ll talk about those capabilities, discuss the advantages of the SISU system.

10/31/22, 1pm GMT & 11/1/22, 7am GMT

Over the last decade, robots have made their way over from industrial work to film sets and they offer filmmakers a handful of capabilities that are otherwise impossible. In this session, we’ll talk about those capabilities, discuss the advantages of the SISU system, and answer any robot-related questions that you might have.


We will take a look into Astera’s latest released light, the HydraPanel. A very versatile mini-panel with built-in battery and with numerous options for both light modifiers and mounting. On top of that, Astera lights are now supporting the CRMX2 protocol which was recently introduced by LumenRadio. Wireless DMX has never been easier.


Live demo of Moon Smart Focus. Moon Smart Focus is an AI powered distance measure. It will send you distance to the eyes of all actors, in real time. This tool can help you save time, reduce stress and lean into a more progressive workstyle when working with shallow depth of field.


Virtual Production (VP) is sweeping across the industry faster than any tech in history and for a good reason. In this session, we'll visit Remedy Films' studio to discover the power of VP and see how to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real.


In this session, we will introduce cmotion’s innovative broadcast solutions for live sports and music events. Join us for a live product overview with our Sales Director, Stephen Chappell to gain a deeper understanding of how a range of cmotion products are being used around the world. Special guests; Steadicam Operator, Manu Tomás from MediaPro and Technical Director, Yke Erkens from Camalot Amsterdam, will share their personal experiences working with cmotion.


Introducing key control solutions for DITs. The motion picture business has changed dramatically with the dawn of the digital age. For this reason, the industry had to learn how to use new and constantly evolving technology to help productions meet the needs of modern cinema. Join this live session with special guest; DIT Joran Harriman for an exclusive insight into how cmotion is fast becoming a popular tool for DITs around the world.


In this session we've invited some of our engineering team along to provide detailed information about the different ARRI ECS Radio Modules and how they can be best utilized on set. ARRI Product Management and several professional 1st ACs will be on hand to share their practical tips and tricks and we encourage you to join in the discussion. Participants: Ambar B Capoor - Focus Puller/Camera Technician and Hi-5 owner Karl Keil - 1st AC and Hi-5 owner Leonard Preyman - ARRI Senior Hardware Designer and Project Leader Chase Hagen - ARRI Technical Sales Representative Tobias Frischmuth - ARRI ECS Product Manager


In this live session, our Sales Director, Stephen Chappell will give a general overview of cmotion’s most intuitive lens control system. In addition to that, international first ACs and cmotion community managers, Aidan Gray from the US and Vincent-Aaron Segers from Belgium will demonstrate the latest updates to the cPRO LCS system and let you in on some of their daily tips and tricks to help make life easier on set.


The popular Titan Tube is heavily used on set in-frame, off-frame shots and integrated into stage designs. We will also have a close look at the AsteraApp and go through tips and tricks to exploit its full potential when controlling Astera lights by the app.


In this live session, we will introduce some great solutions for DP’s to work seamlessly with the Focus Puller. Community manager and 1stAC, Martin Larsen and his DOP from one of the most viewed Netflix series, Håvard Byrkjeland will share their experiences changing depth of field live in shot, dynamic interior to exterior ND control and how to give your directors monitor the cmotion touch.


In this live session we will introduce the tools you need to support your daily challenges on set. Whether you need to measure the set on the fly, track a moving subject or define a target area with controllable autofocus, join our Sales Director, Stephen Chappell and 1st ACs, Aidan Gray and Vincent-Aaron Segers for a live product overview and demo. We will also deep dive into the autofocus modes available with cmotion cPRO LCS for 3rd party range finders.


Join us for an international live-talk session hosted by our community managers from around the world and Sales Director, Stephen Chappell. Take this opportunity to get a first-hand insight into our community managers daily “challenges” on set, how things have changed over years, and where the future may take us. Special guests: 1stAC Aidan Gray, US 1stAC Clovis Ghiorzi, Brazil 1stAC Martin Larsen, Norway 1stAC Vincent-Aaron Segers, Belgium


Curious what it’s like to work with a robot? Join us on set as we shoot a flashy choreographed music video and walkthrough the workflow. Feel free to ask questions!


How to significantly safe time in post-production using the right tools on set by using Ambient Lockit Timecode, the NanoLockit Logger and the LockitScript App for script supervisors.


We've all seen the ice and drink crashing into the glass in slo-mo and the hamburger pieces perfectly falling into place, but how do they capture such eye candy? In this session, we're going to announce an exciting new product and then bring in our partners at 8183 Productions to answer this question.


This session will be the perfect chance for you to learn from a number of career focus pullers and to discuss and share your ARRI ECS experience with users around the globe. We'll start with a round table session where several experienced users will break down their favorite Hi-5 setups and detail some of their most challenging and interesting on-set experiences. Your participation will be essential: we'd love to you ask questions and to share your own stories. Podium participants: Ambar B Capoor - Focus Puller/Camera Technician and Hi-5 owner Brian Aichlmayr - 1st AC and Hi-5 owner Jim McLean - 1st AC and Hi-5 owner Laird Pierce - Focusbug Designer/Director and 1st AC Moderation: Michael Best - ARRI ECS Product Expert Tobias Frischmuth - ARRI ECS Product Manager

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