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cmotion joins FPAW as another industry partner and is giving away a €2.000 voucher!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

We are excited to announce that the next industry partner to join focuspulleratwork is….cmotion.

Join the official cmotion group for the latest information and online support, PLUS a chance to win a €2,000 voucher if registered and joined before the end of July!*

cmotion will utilize the focuspulleratwork platform as their #1 channel for first-level support and communication with 1st ACs and owner-operators worldwide.

cmotion will manage 2 groups within the focuspulleratwork platform: The general cmotion group will be open to everyone where cmotion will share general announcements and invite questions about the cmotion product range.

The owners group will be exclusively for owner-operators who can register using the serial number of their cmotion products to receive first level support and firmware updates.

Within both groups, you will find cmotion experts to answer questions and offer support.

"We are delighted to become an official partner of focuspulleratwork. We have seen the platform grow over the last year and hope to bring value, information, and support to the members of the focuspulleratwork community. To celebrate, we will be giving away a €2,000 voucher to one lucky member who joins the official cmotion channel before the end of July." - cmotion team

Meet the official cmotion representatives:

Dennis Boehm (product manager)

With more than 20 years of international on-set experience, mainly in the camera department, my journey has led me to join cmotion in 2016.

It is cmotion´s and my personal goal to design, develop and produce innovative products that improve customer experience and help to tackle daily challenges on set. I am your direct link to cmotion´s development team and I invite you to join our inner circle and share your feedback on existing products and your ideas for the future.

Steven Chappell (sales director)

Having grown up in and around the industry (but taking a different career path after college), I joined the cmotion team during Cine Gear Expo 2007 and have demonstrated cmotion products at most of the international industry trade shows ever since. I love the social element of my job explaining our products and solutions as well as the interaction with our customers and owner/operators. But, I also enjoy learning about the wide variety of experiences and requests from those established in our industry and ideas from newcomers.

I am very happy to be a part of this unique FPAW community and look forward to hearing from anyone who has questions about the range of products we offer.

Lukas Schnell (Service Technician)

As a service technician at cmotion for many years now, I know many details about the different product lines and LCS generations. In the Service & Support department finding a solution is my daily mission.

I’m interested in the possibilities of the evolving technologies in the industry and the impact on art and science in film.

Gernot Fuellsack

I recently joined the cmotion service team.

Before I worked for 7 Years as a service technician for ECS at ARRI.

I have extensive knowledge of the electronic control system from ARRI and cmotion.

If you own a cmotion product or system, we highly recommend you to also join the cmotion "owner/operators" group for official announcements and first-level support.

*cmotion representatives and FPAW community managers are excluded from this giveaway.

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