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Call for interview partners...Shifting Focus

Hey everyone,

During Cine Gear I had the chance of meeting a lot of new and old faces and seeing a lot of interesting new products. What inspired me the most though, were the stories of the people behind these products, which gave me the idea of an interview series, we are going to start on this blog.

Shifting Focus: The Entrepreneurial Journeys of Film Industry Professionals

The interview series tell the stories of 1st ACs, 2nd ACs or other people working on set, and their transition to the industry side, starting their own companies and developing new products and solutions within our industry.

In this interview series, we shine a spotlight on individuals who started as camera assistants in the film industry and then ventured into developing their own products or offering services within the same industry. Their stories not only provide an exclusive glimpse into their journeys but also aim to inspire other 1st ACs to explore their own entrepreneurial potential.

Unveiling the Journey

Each interview in this series offers an insider's perspective into the personal journeys of these individuals. We explore the pivotal moments and decision-making processes that led them to transition to the industry side. Through their candid accounts, we gain insights into the motivations, challenges, and aspirations that influenced their career shifts.

Stepping into Entrepreneurship

One of the highlights of these interviews is the exploration of how these individuals carved their path as entrepreneurs within the film industry. They share their experiences of developing and launching their own products or services, whether it be innovative filmmaking equipment, specialized software, or offering unique reselling solutions. We delve into the creative process behind their products or services and the impact they have had on the industry.

Milestones and Hurdles

Every journey has its milestones and hurdles, and these interviews are no exception. We uncover the significant milestones these individuals have achieved in their entrepreneurial endeavors, such as securing major clients, receiving industry recognition, or expanding their businesses globally. Equally important, they also candidly discuss the challenges they encountered and how they overcame them. Their stories serve as valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs within the film industry.

Inspiring Others

Above all, the purpose of this interview series is to inspire other first assistant camera operators (1st ACs) to consider the path of entrepreneurship. By sharing the stories of these individuals who successfully transitioned to the industry side, we aim to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within others. Their experiences, advice, and insights will hopefully serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement for those who aspire to follow a similar path.

If you have already made or just starting your own venture and want to be covered through this interview series, please contact:

Cheers, FPAW

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