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Laird Pierce
FPAW - Partner

Hi Gang! We recently mentioned getting back into the Cine RT’s Beta LCS Focus Tracking Menu to do some refinements and we wanted to give you an update. We’ve been playing with a new setting called “Multi-Ping”. Shane (our new project manager/programmer/former 1st AC) and I shot some quick autofocus tests last week of an early version of Multi-Ping working with the ARRI Hi-5 and wanted to share.

We opted to shoot it quite close and mostly wide open on a 47mm Signature Prime and were very happy with the performance of both the new setting and the motor response and speed of the ARRI cforce mini RF motor.

Jose Burgos
Eric Schweiger

Hi Laird,

I had some technical difficulty with the system today. It was working fine until we moved to different location and the horn started to acting up and not display the distance correctly. I took the camera to the previous location and it started to work again. Is there anyway around the ultrasonic interference that cause this issue?

Hi folks,

I'm having a major issue with the CineRT. I've owned it for around 8 months now and have never had any problems until now.

This week its begun playing up - the arrow distance readout on the hi5 seems to be bugging out, and the horns dont seem to be finding distances properly. When it does find a distance it seems to work okayish, but moving between subjects causes it to freak out (see video).

please help me on this error

Laird Pierce
FPAW - Partner

For those clients using PCs in conjunction with the PRG-100 Programmer, please be aware that the STM 32 Cube Programmer App requires the Programmer to receive an update. The following video contains instructions.

REMINDER: You must use the USB Cable included with the Programmer as it is data-enabled. Some third-party USB cables are for charging only and will not work!

Clemens Hoenig


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