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Hello FPAW!

We're running an exclusive Masterclass at CVP Newman House in a couple of weeks to introduce the Freelensing Cine Tilt/Shift System, showing its capabilities with a huge range of cameras and lenses... and I thought it might be of interest to you.

I've put some more info below, but you can find out more at or by speaking to one of the CVP team.


Freelensing, the art of virtually suspending the lens from the camera, can be a tricky technique to master (especially with larger lenses) and challenging for ‘repeat shots’, but with the right tools it is possible for cinematographers to create and replicate the images that make freelensing so visually appealing.

Designed from the ground up and with cinematographers in mind the unique Freelensing Cine system offers precise control over a lens’ tilt, shift and swing movements while being virtually suspended in front of a camera’s sensor regardless of the camera or lens.

The masterclass will explore the overall technique of freelensing, with an in-depth introduction and interactive demonstration of the Freelensing Cine system to show the power and creativity afforded by using it.

Find out more about:

  • how to use the system and the advantages

  • different techniques and when to apply them

  • achievable effects when using some of the most popular camera and lens combinations; including; RED Raptor, ARRI Alexa Mini LF and ALEXA 35 in conjunction with lenses from Zeiss, Cooke, LEITZ, Canon, Tribe7, Angenieuex, ARRI, ATLAS and many more

  • performance; experiment and test each combination to find which one achieves the desired results

  • and of course tips from our experts to ensure fantastic results!

Dates: Thursday 15th September and Friday 16th September

Timings: 10:00 to 13:00 or 14:30 to 17:30

Location: CVP Newman House, 27 Newman St, London W1T 1PN

Reserve your place now = RSVP

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