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Hey all, I'm running into an issue where for an upcoming shoot some of the footage that needs to be captured is through an observation camera (very similar to a security camera system). Production has access to a real camera system provided by an emergency response unit and wants to pull wireless video and also record the footage if possible. I had access to the camera system the other day during a scout day and they wanted to see if we could pull wireless video off of the feed. The output is hdmi. I plugged my Bolt 500xt into it and ran it to a monitor and nothing. Plugged an atoms into the same feed and nothing there as well. However, when I connect the hdmi out to a TV, the image comes up, so I know image is coming out of the camera.

Is there a comprehensive guide, reference, whatever that shows me what type of video feeds teradek will recognize and what it won't? I need to start working the issue to see if it is simply something I can tweak, or if security camera feed is a no go for teradek systems. Thanks

Levent Süzen
Levent Süzen
Apr 02, 2022

Try putting in an Converter between the signals. Something like a decimator cross converter. The security cams seem to give a unrecognizable signal for teradek. Just force with the decimator to the right signal.



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