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Problem: Iris readout on Alexa Mini Overlay is always the reverse of what the cPro has mapped.

I'm sending the readout through the LBUS port on the PL lens mount from a cforce mini motor. I remember there was a workaround to fix this but I'm blanking on it today. Maybe it was physically flipping motors?

Is there a CAM cable to Le m6p for the Aaton XTR/XTera? Similar to the Cvolution C019-KE8 cable?

Planning on purchasing a cpro plus kit very soon and wondering how everyone's pelican cases are looking? What's your case organization like?

Fabio Giolitti

Is there a plan to make premarked iris rings for the cPro handunits? Would be really useful for the cPro One and is really the one thing holding me back from buying one.

I know Arri just released some for the Hi-5 but I was surprised to see at Cine Gear that even the$1,000 Teradek Ctrl 1 already has premarked iris rings 😢