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The FPAW 3D Printing Design Award 2021 goes to....

We are happy to announce that the first FPAW 3D Printing Design Award 2021 goes to Evan Walsh for the cforce mini press on gear!

If you want to download the file for self-printing, you can find it here:

2nd place goes to: Max Batchelder

3rd place goes to: Thomas Walker

We would like to thank everyone for voting, but most of all for sharing your design with the community. Don't forget: The main reason, we are doing this award is, to incentives all the community members to share their designs with each other.

Of course we will continue the 3D printing Design Award within 2022 as well.

Question to the community:

What should count as an entry for the Award?

To get your input, we have set up a quick poll within the group.

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