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Tale of the tape...

I finally booked my first job during this pandemic and so it was with much excitement that I pulled out all my gear and started going through everything. I charged all the batteries up, checked that the WCU4 and cForce motors were all updated to the latest FW, powered up all the monitors and generally cleaned and organised. Tape roll- check, markers- check, sharpies- check, yerba mate-check, mounting options - check. New batteries in the laser range finder, new tape measure, new batteries in the light meter ... Everything looked great and I was feeling great about my kit and loaded everything into the car, ready and excited to go to #furk the next morning.

Woke up early, refreshed and excited had a shower and put on my shirt. Got my boxers on and discovered that I could no longer could fit into my pants. Or my shorts. Or my jeans. Or any clothing that was designed to go around my now expanded waistline. Damn Covid!!! I had gained 19 pounds happily living in my Pajamas for the last 5 months ... The only two options were my outerwear ski pants or my boxers and it was too damn hot for ski pants .... At least I stayed cool all day... 😉

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