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Get a grip on ARRI’s handles and handle extension accessories.

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

G’day and thanks for reading ARRI’s first blog post on FPAW!

I thought I’d take the time to talk about a couple of PCA – Pro Camera Accessories – that revolve around hand grips. We’ve had many options for handgrips over the years and currently offer six different models, each of which have their own particular application. The full list of handgrips, handgrip extensions and shoulder supports can be found here:

The HEX Handle Extensions have quickly become a staple with the ALEXA Mini LF cameras that we sell downunder. They’re available as single parts or in a full kit of six extension pieces and two grips that you (as a sophisticated and discerning AC) can take to set in a Peli 1179. Very neat and tidy.

The Handle Extension Set (KK.0037820) affords you the luxury of a nearly endless array of options when it comes to rigging a top handle. They’ve got plenty of 3/8”, 1/4” and M4 threaded holes for a number of ARRI-Standard camera accessories and each piece can be tightened with one of four different Allen keys, thanks to our unique ARRI Multi-Hex screw.

The full “Hollywood Handle”, as it’s rigged above, is best used with the new Center Camera Handle CCH-4 with it’s closed loop design, or as pictured, with the new CCH-2 Support for the standard CCH-2 top handle that has shipped with most ALEXA Mini and Mini LF cameras. A couple of larger rental houses in Australia have now made the CCH-2 support standard with all the cameras as it greatly reduces the possibility of flex in the top handle.

You’ll notice two different grip options on the HEX Set photos above: the wooden grip and a rad blue BMX grip. The Wooden Shell and a textured Plastic Shell come as part of the Handle Extension Set, but the Bicycle Grip Adapter BGA-1 is another excellent option when you’d like to provide a more bespoke handgrip option to your Camera Operator or DP. The BGA-1 and BGA-2 will accept any standard 22mm bicycle grip, so there are thousands of options on the market.

DP Stefan Duscio ACS (The Invisible Man, Cargo, The Dry, Jungle) was enamoured with the BGA’s the first time he used them: “Is it wrong how excited I am about having a bike grip as a top handle? Why has no-one told me about this before? I feel like I've been living a lie for so long!”

While the BGA-1 makes for a great addition to a top handle, the BGA-2 bring the same plethora of grip options to your handlebars with the integrated ARRI Rosette screw. With a rosette handle comes the need for a rod bridge support, and you may not know that ARRI offer three discreet options: LBS-2, LBS-3 and UBS-3.

The LBS-3 is our ultra-lightweight, single-sided bridge support, coming it at only 100g/3.5oz. Great for a simple grip near the lens or matte box.

The LBS-2 offers a compact dual rosette bridge support and is commonly found in our LBS-2 handgrip sets – the ideal choice when you know you’re never going

to need to hand hold a lens that needs studio-sized rods.

And then there’s our UBS-3, which is commonly found in rental house inventories with all sorts of handgrips. Its special talent is being able to clamp onto lightweight 15mm, studio 15mm and studio 19mm bars with the same clamping mechanism, unlike competing units which require either two sets of rod holes, increasing weight, or can only support one standard. No matter what kind of rig you find yourself supporting, the UBS-3 will behave as robustly as you’d expect from a piece of ARRI PCA.

What kind of handgrips do you like using? Do you have a feature you’ve always wanted to see in a pair of grips? Let us know in the comments below.

And thanks for reading!

- Sean

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7 commentaires

I ordered Hex-2 and Hex-4 two months ago from Cvp, and I'm still waiting. I think Arri has a problem with manufacturing handle extensions or we are facing Brexit problems :))


19 sept. 2021

I want the ubs3! What a great idea!


CCh4 closed handle compatible with MAP2 ?

Sean Dooley
Sean Dooley
15 sept. 2021
En réponse à

Yep! Sure is, we sell most Mini LFs with the CCH-4 now in Australia/NZ:


Art Adams
Art Adams
07 sept. 2021

I had a chance to try the Hollywood Handle at Filmscape a week or so ago. I wish that existed when I was shooting. I coerced my assistant into building a custom rig for me, and it worked but wasn't as polished and solid.


Itamar Bethancourt
Itamar Bethancourt
02 sept. 2021

it's on the wish list

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