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IMAGO is the International Federation of Cinematographers, a collaborative, global umbrella for the world´s Cinematographers Societies. It was created initially in 1992 by France(AFC), England(BFC) , Germany(BVK) and Italy(AIC) under the initiative of famous cinematographer Luciano Tovoli aic to bring European cinematographers together to discuss and find solutions to challenges of common interest, to promote the Art and Work of a

Cinematographer in a film at an international level, and to share and exchange experience and knowledge.

IMAGO now has 52* International Societies as member societies with almost 4000 professional cinematographers as members, from all corners of the world.

IMAGO, the International Federation of Cinematographers comprises of full members, associate and honorary members. The full and associated members are legal persons meanwhile the honorary members could be either legal or natural persons. The legal persons who are members of IMAGO are local cinematographers organizations or guilds, flagship workers organization from each country (one from each) which represent the highest standard of cinematography workers in each country

Most of the member organizations have an entrance threshold which guarantees that the natural persons who are the members of our member organizations are from professional working field of cinematography.

IMAGO is not a Union, but a Federation that works to inform and promote the importance and relevance of cinematography to the general public, film colleagues and the cultural- political environment. The interest shown by cinematographers worldwide to meet, discuss topics of high importance, technically and creatively, is rapidly increasing.


IMAGO is the international hub, and a direct connection between all National Cinematographers Societies Worldwide has never been more relevant.

As we are first and foremost a creative worker’s organization, we aim to help our members with networking, training, experience and knowledge sharing and feedback so that their interests are represented in local, national, European, international and global levels.

* 1. Argentine Society of Cinematographers ADF 2. Australian Cinematographers Society ACS 3. Austrian Society of Cinematographers AAC

4. Belgian Society of Cinematographers SBC 5. Bosnia-Herzegovinian Society of Cinematographers ASBH 6. Brazilian Society of Cinematographers ABC 7. Bulgarian Society of Cinematographers BAC 8. Canadian Society of Cinematographers CSC 9. Chilean Association of Cinematography ACC 10. Colombian Society of Cinematographers ADFC 11. Croatian Society of Cinematographers HFS 12. Danish Association of Cinematographers DFF 13. Estonian Society of Cinematographers ESC 14. Finnish Society of Cinematographers FSC

15. German Society of Cinematographers BVK  16. Greek Society of Cinematographers GSC 17. Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers HKSC 18. Hungarian Society of Cinematographers HSC 19. Icelandic Society of Cinematographers ISC 20. Indian Society of Cinematographers ISC 21. Iranian Society of Cinematographers IRSC  22. Irish Society of Cinematographers ISC 23. Israeli Society of Cinematographers ACT 24. Italian Society of Cinematographers AIC 25. Japanese Society of Cinematographers JSC 26. Latvian Guild of Cinematographers LGC 27. Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers LAC 28. Macedonian Society of Cinematographers MSC 29. Malaysian Society of Cinematographers MySC 30. Mexican Society of Cinematographers AMC 31. Netherlands Society of Cinematographers NSC 32. New Zealand Society of Cinematographers NZCS 33. Norwegian Society of Cinematographers FNF 34. Peru Asociación de Autores de Fotografía Cinematográfica Peruanos DFP 35. Philippines Society of Cinematographers FSC 36. Polish Society of Cinematographers PSC

37. Portuguese Society of Cinematographers AIP 38. Romanian Society of Cinematographers RSC 39. Russian Guild Of Cinematographers RGC 40. Serbian Society of Cinematographers SAS 41. Singapore Society of Cinematographers SGSC 42. Slovak Society of Cinematographers ASK 43. Slovenian Society of Cinematographers ZFS 44. South African Society of Cinematographers SASC 45. South Korean Society of Cinematographers KSC 46. Spanish Society of Cinematographers AEC 47. Swedish Society of Cinematographers FSF 48. Swiss Society of Cinematographers SCS 49. Turkish Society of Cinematographers GYD 50. Ukrainian Guild of Cinematographers UGC 51. United Kingdom British Society of Cinematographers BSC 52. Cuban Society of Cinematographers ACF