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Hello, I am wondering if anyone has had success using lollipop antenna's on builds that have the Bolt 4K sandwiched between the battery and plate, under a "hollywood" style handle.

My current build uses all the standard Teradek antennas, which I try to keep straight up, but with the Arri HEX handle extension, the antennas run straight into the handle. Plus you have to avoid grabbing the antennas in handheld mode. I have read that if you use directional "lollipop" antennas on the Tx that you have to match those on all the Rx.

What are your experiences with this?



Akeem Ajibola
Dan Stone
Dan Stone
Dan Stone
Mar 16, 2023

This setup of 2x Stubby and 2x Lollipop antennas worked wonderfully for Me on a Feature last year.

My monitor had 5x Stubby and the RX had 5x Standard Teradek antennas. And never had any issues :)

I've had other jobs with an assortment of antennas across the TX/RX on certain jobs where we just had to make do. Only issues I've had was when concrete/brick walls were in the way of the signal, then the longer (usually standard) antennas helped more.

But haven't needed to match the antennas on both sides.



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