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Hey all,

I have a simple set of related questions I'm hoping for additional answers to as the Sony Venice does not have an app to control the camera.

It seems we may be able to access the camera by connecting to the cameras network (wirelessly), although I haven't heard of it anywhere online for some reason, nor have I seen it done elsewhere. I've heard the camera control is similar to the Alexa Mini; you log into its web address that you set in the camera menu.

I was told this by a Keslow Camera tech:

"First you set up a username and password in the authentication section. Then you go to the network tab in the technical menu of the Venice and set either a wired or wireless network (wireless requires USB dongle). Normally we set them up for static IP addresses, and then on your computer or phone's browser you just type in the IP address (example camera, computer or phone The browser will ask for the username and password you created at the beginning and you have full camera control with full menu control. You even get lens control for lenses with servo motors."

Wanted to check with actual Sony techs on this to be sure. I was told the USB dongle needed would be this:

I see it is compatible with select Sony camcorders, but perhaps is compatible with the Venice as well? If so, is there a general distance it can operate under?

Basically, I'm trying to make sure I can get my DPs proper access in situations where we may not have FIZ based hand unit control, but need to be wireless. I know you can control most settings from the cmotion cPro and cPro Plus hand units and I understand it is compatible with semote and ultimote, but is there anything else out there for a DP to remotely change?

Thank you, and welcome to FPAW!

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