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CineAlta Evolves - Something Exciting is Coming

We are happy to be at Camerimage 2021 for our new camera announcement.

If you wil be there please join our Event on Monday 15th of November 16:00 CET.

For everyone who cannot join us in Torun we will also livestream the event.

When we launched VENICE in 2017 we promised you that we carefully listened to your feedback to develop VENICE. And we have never stopped.

Ralph Messer
Tomas Askew
Alexandre Valentim
Aeneas Thamer
Aeneas Thamer
Nov 18, 2021

Hello dear Sony team, First of all congratulations for the launch of the new Venice. I am pretty excited to work with it some day. The facts I was reading about sound great. So here are two question I could not answer myself. First, is it now possible to clone the different SDIs for false color etc. and to use all of them at the same time? Second, did you work on the 24V power management, because, as me, a lot of other colleagues had trouble to power all of the ACCs you need on camera. Camera Config for example: Venice 2 6K-WoodenCamera D-Box—> Rialto, Transmitter,Monitor,2x Motors, CineRT(or similar) All the best, Aeneas.😉✌️



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