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Hi All! I hope you are doing well!

We are nearing the release of a new website and I am reaching out to you for support.

Our main landing page will incorporate images of the Cine RT system at work along with our nice new product shots. As the page is very public-facing, we plan on adding these images along with BTS shots and testimonials to help illustrate how camera assistants use the system in their workflow.

We have a lot of material to draw on; however, we are hoping to showcase new pictures and feedback. If anyone is interested in being part of this, please send pictures of your camera and/or focus station builds that include the Cine RT System components and/or a few lines of feedback regarding the system to me at We will credit you if we use your images and text and look forward to showing off the diversity of international productions the Cine RT has worked on!



Ralph Messer
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Focusbug Technologies Inc. developed the Cine RT System to p...


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