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Welcome to the CVP Group.

As part of our partnership with FPAW, we are pleased to offer all members of this group access to a few special benefits:


Access a 5% voucher code, which can be used on all web orders from up to £500. (add voucher code FPAW21CVP to basket at checkout).


Exclusive seasonal product bundles and promotions. The first of these is a cmotion cPRO SONY bundle, with more to follow in the coming months. FIND OUT MORE HERE

Independent advice

Our dedicated team of Technical Consultants (who are active here on FPAW) are available to provide unbiased expert advice on a wide range of camera equipment and discuss the right package for a particular project.

1:1 consultation clinic with Creative Vision Finance to offer support and advice to members on funding equipment for upcoming projects.


Sign up to join the CVP | ARRI Creative Space, located at 81 Charlotte Street, London, which features a showroom full of the latest ARRI technology plus complementary equipment supplied by Codex, Oconnor, Ronford Baker and Hawk-Woods (and more!). The venue is also a hub for meetings, hot-desking, events, screenings and much more. You will also get early access to CVP’s ongoing program of events, workshops and product demonstrations. For more information email drop a message to the forum.

We hope you will take advantage of some of the members benefits above and look forward to welcoming you to our showrooms and events.

If you have any questions or feedback, please add them to the forum, we will be checking in regularly!

The CVP Team

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CVP is one of the largest independent resellers of productio...


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