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Share your awesome 3D printing designs with the community and win one amazing 3D printer by PRUSA

We are organizing the FPAW 3D Printing Design Award for 2021 through the 3D Printing community user group on the forum.

To participate, just start sharing your innovations within the user group. At the end of the year, a jury will pick the top 20 designs for the final community voting on the forum. In the final voting, every community member can vote for the best, most innovative, and most useful design, which will be awarded the FPAW 3D Printing Design Award. And the prize is a brand new PRUSA 3D printer, wahoooo.

Whilst you are welcome to share any designs or resources for new designs, only designs which you have done by yourself will qualify for the final voting.


- Upload your Designs in the 3D printing community user group

- Any design made by yourself, uploaded, or shared (3D file or images only) will qualify for the final voting.

- The Design must be your own

- Do not share any .stl files, which are licensed by another person

- When sharing your design, please make a note signifying that this design is your own!

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