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Hi printing community!

This is a project that I have been working on for a while and proved to be useful throughout this year. It is a module system for the small HD 703 cage that allows you to attach a video receiver and LR2 video display unit to the monitor. This modular system comes with different sized legs and and shelves to accommodate different video receivers. The two designs in the images are for either Teradek 4k or Vaxis 3000 but I'm sure between the two sizes it can fit most receivers.

The idea behind this design was create a light weight compact monitoring system that incorporates LR2 video unit with modular parts that can be swapped out to fit the needs of the shoot. It requires 6x m4 bolts and nuts to attach the system together.

This design is my own and anyone who would like to use the included .step file is welcome to 😁

step and print files
Download ZIP

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