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Maxime Raymond
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Cleanbuildchallenge 2020#cleanbuildchallenge

Hey dear 3D community,

Here's my first try and entry design in the 3D printed world.

It's a bracket that allows you to mount a FocusBug CineRT on the Tilta Nucleus Nano motor for small setups.

The bracket is designed to be mounted upside down as well:

It works super fine but because the nano is a tiny motor with less torque, I do not recommend using it on very dramatic situation like shoulder, gimbal (obviously) or Easyrig. Tripod, dolly or crane is perfect.

Let me know if you have any question. I'm planing on doing it for the Nucleus-M motor as well

Here's the link to download the file

Ralph Messer
Jose Burgos
Chanan Vongpatra


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