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Hi guys

I wanted to share some of the things I've designed.

The first thing I have made is a lcube bracket.

I found out that the one provided with the lcube was slipping a lot in different configurations. The bracket contains a hex screw and two Arri locating pins.

If you are interested you can buy the bracket here:

I have gotten a lot of questions about this. People are asking in what it's printed and why the price is this low.

First of all, it's printed in regular PLA. I know the material is not the strongest compared to PETG or ABS but as I'm a user aswel, I'm VERY strict in what I design and deliver. A lot of testing on the field has resulted in choosin PLA above PETG.

Why is the cost so low? Well.. I'm not in for the money tbh. I just wanted to design something that would make the lives easier for fellow focus-pullers all over the world and not providing the STL file for free, but assembling and inspecting every piece by hand guarantees the best quality every time.

The second design I've made is a table-top stand for the Cpro hand-unit. It utilizes the existing 1/4th screw where the carabiner is located.

It consists of 2 Arri locating pins to prevent slipping.

Keep in mind: by attaching the table top stand it's not possible to use the carabiner anymore. But as I don't use it, it's not an issue.

The third and not last thing I've designed is a bracket for the Cdistance. My fellow colleague and friend Martin has a prototype version up in Norway for testing atm. I have based the design with using it with the Konder Blue quick release plates and provided screws. (on the picture still a 16x9 Cinelock haha) In addition this also has 2 Arri locating pins to prevent slipping and turning.

Also a 3D printed 8 degrees "offset" tilts the bracket a little bit more forward for a better viewing angle.

Note: the design has changed a little bit, I will post a full set-up picture asap.

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