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On 7/31/19, 4:34 PM

I've seen a few for arri LDS, but not one for Preston. I think because so few people have the Bluetooth dongle with their kits, where as wcu users simply keep an SD card around. Is there any other way to offload lens tables with the Preston system? 

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Clemens Hönig

--Clemens Hönig--

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Vienna, Austria
--Clemens Hönig--

Hi, I am Clemens Hönig, marketing manager at cmotion. Even though I am not a focus puller myself, my strength is to adapt quickly, spotting problems and come up with solutions. I also like to connect people, as I think everybody can learn from anybody. If you just starting at your carrier, make your own path and if you are already experienced, become a mentor...

Clemens Hönig
On 8/12/19, 9:42 AM

Hey Luke, 

Thanks for your post. I haven't heard of a shared lens table database for Preston systems yet, but you are very welcome to use the forum for this. That's why we have add the upload field on the forum...



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