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Chris Steel
On 5/21/20, 2:31 PM

The RT system is pretty solid these days. Their new motors are fast, quiet and strong. Little bulky compared to cforce minis but smaller than cforce plus. The MDR.X is a huge improvement over the latitude

Nice wired zoom controller available though the cable is a touch delicate.

Integration and lens mapping is really nice. Having the lens info on a HUD in monitor is really nice though would take a little getting used to. You can also manage lens libraries from your phone directly which is a feature I really like. It makes the focus pullers hand unit so lightweight you'll wonder why people use stands.

Problems (kinda):
Switching the gear side on the motor requires undoing three small screws which takes ages and those screws are easily lost.
No cinetape interface though this mayyyy be on the cards at some point.
The small screen and menus can be a little frustrating.
Not a lot of compatibility with cameras outside of RED.

Overall a great system, entry price of $9000 for a single channel that can be built into a 3 channel for not much more isn't bad. Similar to the cPro in price really. Down to preference and what cameras you work with.

Full disclosure, I looked at all the 3 channel systems on the market and still chose the Preston. The Ymer, RT, cPro, WCU4 all have their killer features but they're often linked to a specific cameras.

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