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Carlos Cañal

--Carlos Cañal--
--Carlos Cañal--

My name is Carlos Cañal and I am a Spanish focus puller working in the camera department since I am 19 years old.  I do mainly national and international features films and commercials.  I love to travel, get to know other people, cultures and of course colleagues from around the world.

I am a very happy owner of a cPRO LCS too !!


Carlos Cañal
On 6/30/19, 8:01 PM

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On 6/30/19, 9:13 PM

Yes, but no. Remember the 5.6" hood? Hard plastic, and adjustable with a knife...

I woud like the bottom part to be less longer, so i can look down on the remote. 

Maybe just making it myself....since its a matter of taste. 

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Philipp Uhl
On 7/1/19, 2:34 PM

I have the F-7H (mkI) now since it was available to buy, and I never had a situation where I wanted to have a sunhood to be honest...

In my opinion that’s where this monitor really shines (no pun intended); it’s so bright that you can use it in daylight without any hood, which means that I don’t have to bury my face into a sunhood anymore! ;)

But I like the Idea of having one that is not closed on the bottom side to be able to view the hand unit. Could you tell me which one it is that you use for 5.6”?

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Martin Larsen
On 7/5/19, 11:11 AM

I use a sun hood from wooden camera. Fits perfect on my 703 Bolt monitor.


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