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Madrid , Spain

Started out as a focus puller 8 years ago, I shot movies and commercials in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Uk, Bulgaria, Morocco and USA. Love everything camera related, gear porn and sharp lenses. Sharpness is not debatable.

On 2/19/19, 5:16 PM

I’m using the new tv logic F-7H on a tv show these days and I’m pretty happy with it. Before my favorite was the 058, but nowadays for certain occasions I prefer a 7 inches, specially when shooting anamorphic and or full frame. The monitor is sharp and the aperture is kind of more discreet than in the 058, but still does his job pretty well. I’m shooting with the Panavision Primo 70 (which are pretty creamy themselves) and a diffusion filter all the time (soft FX 1/2) and I can always see where the focus is. The brightness is really incredible (I’m in a studio shooting but I’ve tested it in bright sunlight and the max bright can be seen with no issues) and the power consumption pretty decent given the number of nits.  If I can be picky the responsiveness of the buttons is not as fast as I would like it to be, but it’s not something I can’t live with. Last but not least, I think the ratio price quality is very good, compared to other monitor with similar specs. Highly recommended!

Philipp Uhl
On 2/20/19, 5:29 PM

I have both the 058 and the F-7H and I can agree with Fabio in everything he said!

Color rendition and sharpness are as good as in the 058, and the brightness is really incredible. On the highest setting the colors get really off (a lot more blue) and less contrasty, but until now I never had a situation where the highest setting was necessary, the high setting where colors are still good seems to be sufficient for almost all normal situations.

There also are a few more features compared to the 058 that are worth mentioning, for example does the F-7H have the ability to use custom luts, and can even put those luts onto the sdi- or hdmi-out, and the monitor supports anamorphic desqueeze.

And it’s built really well and robust, I’ve even seen one survive a fall from 1,5m onto hard floor without even getting a scratch!

The only 7” monitor that’s comparable to the F-7H is the smallhd 703, but I personally don’t like the color and the sharpness of smallhd, and also not the focus assist tools they provide. Also, the smallhd costs almost twice as much, so for me this decision was easy... ;)

Douglas Birch
On 2/28/19, 10:56 AM

Thanks for giving me the low down! Yourself and Fabio have definitely convinced me!


Carlos Cañal

--Carlos Cañal--
--Carlos Cañal--

My name is Carlos Cañal and I am a Spanish focus puller working in the camera department since I am 19 years old.  I do mainly national and international features films and commercials.  I love to travel, get to know other people, cultures and of course colleagues from around the world.

I am a very happy owner of a cPRO LCS too !!


Carlos Cañal
On 4/2/19, 10:06 AM

News from TV Logic.  Mk2 version for F-7h and a new 5.5¨ F-5A with ¨improved features for focus pullers¨. 


Yevgeniy Bubley
On 3/7/19, 7:43 PM

i think that monitor to big.

7 inch it is good size for the monitor & 3600 nits it is very bright

But tvlogic make monitor toooo big.Look on frame around display .

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