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Klim Jurevicius
On 9/22/19, 10:36 PM

I would say for focus pullers having both smaller(portable) and bigger monitors on set will be essential sooner rather than later.

I would probably go for larger monitor (smallhd1303) if I were to opt in. Just because 10" is kind of in the middle, can't carry it around and if I can't carry it might as well get something bigger.

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Daniel Foeldes
On 10/11/19, 7:41 PM

Hey Rozemarijn, that 10" sounds pretty good, but not sure about the advantages of 4K on a panel of that size. Let alone the separate issue of 4K monitoring on-set. 

I have a SmallHD1303. Got it about about 2.5 years ago, they were still reasonably new at the time, and I have never looked back. Even back then, I never understood putting a 5" or 7" on a stand. If you're using a stand anyways, you may as well go bigger. It's obviously on the heavy side, but I actually like that, as it's a stable and rugged work station with an Avenger A1020B stand. 

As you say, with all the larger format cameras now available, 13" is pretty ideal for me. You can see the focus very clearly, but still be reasonably mobile, and have a monitor with manageable power consumption. Three 98Wh batteries get me through any day comfortably. It's also nice to be able to easily rig and power any receiver without having to build some form of Frankenstein bracket to hold everything together. 

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E. Roni Beraha
On 10/8/19, 2:39 PM

If it is outdoors, run and gun style tvlogic 058 on wireless focus is right. If you are indoors, relax shooting with high contrast bigger monitor is suitable.

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