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A focus-puller is the eyes of the audience. It's like telling a story without any words.

On 4/14/19, 9:38 AM

I like the idea behind it, but i'm not very fond of the touchscreen when it comes to a focus monitor. You'll have to clean the smudges a lot :-). Also the way it has to be hardwired trough an ethernetcable makes it more of a "on camera" monitor. If they find a way to transmit the control wireless, that would be a great option.

Rafael del Campo
On 4/19/19, 5:27 AM

I saw the Cine7 and I think directly, is this the “universal” remote control for all cameras? Actually the Alexamini don’t has a really good solution for remote control, except WCU4 (but with some limitation). Someone know if with this Cine7 monitor can you go to full menu on camera or is only the same existing setup with Arri/Transvideo Starlight?  

Maximilian Aponte
On 5/14/19, 3:18 AM

Looks like a good Idea for sure, but the fact that they removed the physical buttons bump me out, In my 703 I use them a lot, I saw somewhere that there is an accessory to add the buttons again, but its something extra to attach to the hand unit, and the touch interface, I want to like it, but it's touch based so there will be a lot of smudges, to this point, let's just say is a nice gimmick.

Talking about interface, it's cute that they are trying to mimic the style of the camera menu, but from the example video and photos I've seen son far, it feels invasive taking too much space and flashing a color to your eyes when you are trying to adjust picture, I know I'm being picky at this point, but that's the whole point of having a color accurate monitor. Apart from all that I'm hoping they get it right o the get go, with no bugs because it would honestly make life easier on different setups, specially when they get it to work wirelessly.

One of the common issues I get on set with some DP's is giving them a reliable monitor that they can take and walk around with it trusting what they see, specially when you don't get to prep the monitors.

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