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On 2/6/20, 4:32 AM

Hi Clovis

I have them all on set: Pix E5, E7, Convergent Design, Odyssey, Black Magic Design, Atomos, Aja KI Pro...

The one that's still the most rugged and reliable is the Pix 240i. OK, it's a little bit out-dated but I personally still like this more than all the recorders mentioned above. The Atomos Sumo is quite good, but is a real 19" production monitor and recorder in one. The speed is "ok" and the touchscreen is pretty decent.

If there is (much) more budget, then I would suggest the Qtake system on a laptop or the hardware-version. But this system requires an operator what makes is more suitable for "bigger" productions.

All the best!

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Philippe Piron
On 2/23/20, 4:33 PM

I use a lot my (own) Odyssey Q7 because:

1- it's a god screen, high definition, and I love the way you can move your zoom-in and the functionalities of the system.

2- I can replay instantly not waiting for the PB coming from video village

3- the touch screen with IN/OUT marks is great ... instantly you make a PB of what you need to see ... Sometimes - when video village is linked to me - I got a faster PB with no slate, and "ready to go" wasted times and so everyone looks back to what I control myself ... a bit frustrating to the video technician, but we not very often have reliable guys (mostly trainees nowadays)

of course "QTake-based" systems are grater tools with much more facilities, but you need a well-trained technician then,

or also those great state-of-the-art systems such as:

PSU-3X, PSU-3XX, or even lates PSU-4 from Vantage, or CineAssist from Ovide,

Atomos Sumo 19" is a simpler version, I always wondered why it was not that common tool on set because it's a (much) cheaper unit and the way it's been designed is quite good to me (you get what you need for what you paid for !)

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