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Paul Schoen
On 4/20/20, 1:17 PM

Hey Vince, that really depends on your needs. Up to a point a more expensive solution definitely increases the quality, but further from there everything else is more about the complexity, usability and customization. So if you want an single source HD stream to YouTube, that’s fairly easy. If you want an 8 cam multicam 4K stream with matte keys, animated motion graphics, etc. for a paid event (which means you’re definitely not in the position to make mistakes), than that’s a completely different task where the quality of the final stream is a minor thing to consider. 

Definitely the bandwidth of your internet connection mostly is the bottleneck in the end when it comes to quality. Though a YouTube HD stream is around 6 Mbit/s upstream, which is no problem with a good LTE connection. 

So if you need Infos on a more detailed setup, I would need to know more about the circumstances, use, client, etc. :)

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