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E. Roni Beraha
On 2/10/20, 11:01 AM

For me, the camera test starts with Rental company checking the flange focus and putting all the lenses into the collimator.  Of course this is for a feature film.

Afterwards, my job becomes very easy. 

I check the lenses in the closest l distance, 3 meters, 7 meters and infinity. I shoot all the tests. 

Record all the cards at high speeds. Transfer them.

Shoot all nd filters as they may have color casts and it is good to know before hand. 

Of there is vfx shoot a grid for each lens. Set up the horizontal, vertical bubble.

Do all the black balance, black shading if necessary.

Check connections with various devices.

Color code each camera, each accessory. 

Check all cables, batteries, connections.

Clean, puf, wd40 any parts that needs it.

Lastly, I have never witnessed a Focuspuller doing a test from a mirror. Is it possible to send me a photo to show how exactly you set it up?



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Roeland Bentvelzen
On 2/15/20, 9:38 AM
A small mirror, 10x10 inch, is places in the middle of a focus chart. Usually a rental has these equipped with magnets to stick em to the chart.
If you align your camera like Rozemarijn said, with the middle crosshair in the mirror reflexion of the lens circle, you know that you are aiming 90 degrees on your focus chart.
This will give you a best image of how sharp the edges/sides/overall image is/are of each lens. You could spot lens errors or characteristics focus wise this way.

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