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Ruben Appeltans
On 2/25/20, 1:18 PM

Hey Philippe!

Thanks for the explantion. We have been doing some testing with different brands and different thicknesess but haven't been able to get quite the result we want. Check photos below: the way the bokehs stretch out and give sort of a rainbow is what we want. Apparently these were the diors and we haven't been able to replicate with anything else. Seems the diors were woven in such a way and made from the fabrics necessary to get this effect. . 

Sooooo, I'm going to have to find a stockings factory that wants to replicate the dior 5 or 10 for me :-D. 

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Philippe Piron
On 2/23/20, 4:23 PM

Dior Denier 5 do not exist anymore

they were extremely difficult to find back in the 70's 80's ... just imagine how breakable they were for women wearing them on their legs ... They were not made for US ... but for ladies, and not only ion catwalk !

Dior Denier 10 were the ones we extensively used back then, gluing them at the back of the lenses.
I have never seen them anymore for ages ... I still own a few of them as a relique !

Nowadays, Denier 15 are the lightest you can buy ... once again those goodies have been manufactured for women to wear them ... and Denier 15 is already very fragile !!!!

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