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Charlie Whitaker
On 6/11/20, 4:17 AM

G'day Martin, 

I just went ahead and built myself a work station as I couldn't find anything that suited what I was after. Essentially I took a reasonably heavy duty hand trolley/sack barrow and cut MDF to make a set of folding shelves that collapsed to form a backing plate as well as a making a larger foot plate for  Accessory bags/cases. To clarify: the trolley can be used 2 ways:- 1) horizontally as a lens barrow to cart heavy cases around 2) upright with the shelves folded out as a work station.

I made a bracket on the back for a block battery to power my 1303 all day and trawled through a couple of lighting/camera stores to find a clamp and swivelling bracket that allows me to mount my monitor on top of the handle.

The shelves have been marine carpeted so you can velcro accessories down for transport around set. It works really well and cost a fraction of what a store bought one would have.