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Zandvoort, Netherlands

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On 8/28/19, 1:58 PM

Hi Joko,

well for me, it depends on the kind of rain/water.
when its just a little bit, I use a rain cover for a backpack. You can buy them at any outdoor-store. I use soms clips to attach it to my monitor and fold it over the handunit.

when its rainy, i get the big umrella out of the van, and use the backpack cover.

and offcourse when its a Dutch day of rain rain rain, i get out my hand made neoprene cover.
you can put 2 hands inside, and it has a clear top so you can see your wheel.
dont forget to make air-holes!

there is also an official verson:


and, its just for the handunit. when its that rainy, i leave the monitor underneath the umbrella.

and when shooting near the sea, you just cover it up allll the way. Salt water destroys it all.

good luck!


Aidan Gray

--Aidan Gray--
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--Aidan Gray--

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Aidan Gray
On 8/29/19, 3:15 AM

Nothing to add really, I just do exactly as Rose said! I try to leave the hand unit uncovered for as long as possible, but I usually have better luck with large plastic bags from the grocery store, and I just either tear a hole in the side for the knob or leave it open - its a wasteful solution, but sometimes better than breaking out the Harrison cover. 

Photo below I repurposed the Harrison cover as a monitor cover once we moved under cover.