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Zandvoort, Netherlands

1st AC for over 10 years

Mainly Features and Drama

On 8/5/19, 10:25 AM

As Gunnar says, i always try to measure the space around me and use objects that dont move. 

Right now working on a Pirate Feature, so ive measured the entire ship, memorized it, and whenever we shoot the rehearsal i have no stress. 

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On 8/7/19, 7:59 PM

I agree, generally I use tables, door frames, trees or whatever is around to measure rather than actor marks because they never move, actors don't always hit their marks... 

Also when I place tape focus marks on the ground I try to keep them at a round number to an object, rather than camera. Like 5 feet behind a door for example. This way if camera moves you don't need to remeasure everything, your marks all move together. 

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