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Roeland Bentvelzen
On 4/10/20, 4:43 PM

I'm using my headset-set from Ear Tec for some time. It's the best "discovery" in a while.

The communication is super clear and open all the time both (all) ways. You can "kill" your mic by rotating it up so you will not be heard. You really create a super nice communication bubble in your department and you can whisper and still be heard. 

I have a set of three but you can get more linked for sure. Usually it's DP, Focus and 2nd. This, in The Netherlands, goes well since the DP operated most of the (all the) time. If a grip (crane or dolly) move is crucial the 2nd hands it off to the grip.

You want to have this ;).

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Zandvoort, Netherlands

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On 4/13/20, 11:40 AM

Thanks Roeland, guess im convinced to buy it!

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Chris Steel
On 4/8/20, 3:00 PM

I've been looking at getting a set of EarTec UltraLite headsets. Full duplex with easy setup for up to 5 headsets, and slightly more complicated setup for up to 16 people. They run around £180 per headset so not cheap but similar to a decent walkie.

For distributed video, I think systems like the teradek serve could be invaluable. No more crowding round one 17" monitor when everyone can bring it up on their phone. Only going to the big monitor when critical.

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Nathan Lederman
On 4/8/20, 5:22 PM

Hey guys,

Don't have any experience in the use of this kind of headsets, always worked with regular walkies. Why would you opt for the EarTec? What are the advantages? ...

Kind Regards!

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Jesper Rey
On 4/8/20, 5:33 PM

Hey Nathan,

I used the EarTec system on a short film a few weeks back. The main advantage for me was hands-free talking. Also the sound quality is far better than regular walkies. The only downside I think is battery life and range compared to a walkie system. But I should mention I didn't really test the range of the EarTec system.

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Chris Steel
On 4/9/20, 10:41 AM

Range is about 500m line of site. I've used them several streets away from each other and still worked great.

Battery I'd say is roughly the same as a cheaper walkie. You'd want a full set of extra batteries so you could swap at lunch.

Being able to whisper down the mic and still be heard clearly is invaluable.
There are other duplex brands but they're either more cumbersome or way more expensive as they're for military or construction purposes. A Swatcom multicom system runs a little cheaper but the headsets aren't as nice and you have a cable from the headset to a belt pack. The Eartecs are all in one.

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Dylan Stoel
On 4/8/20, 3:09 PM

Hi Rozemarijn,

Some time back I was working as a 2nd AC on set with Goof de Koning (DP) and Roeland Bentvelzen (1st AC) and we used the Eartec UltraLite Headsets.

It was pretty nice to be able to have an open mic conversation at times you couldn't really be able to get close to one another in person. If you don't want to talk, just turn the microphone to an upwards position to turn it off. I think you are able to connect 4 headsets simultaneously without any extra hub and 7 headsets with an extra hub, but that's what CineSupport advertises (we used 3 at once at the time).

CineSupport is a Dutch distributor for the Eartec headsets, worth to take a look at them!

Keep up the good work!

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On 4/9/20, 1:43 PM


 I have been working on a TV Series with an Eartec Set of 5 (DP, Gaffer, Grip, Operator B, 1 AC A(thats the max when you do not want to have a HUB)) and Walkies within the Department (2nd AC A, B Camera ACs, Video, and sometimes the DIT). 
Technical the System  is reliable when you know the limitation (indoor 50-100m through some walls, outdoor more) the Headsets feel a little flimsy to me but all survied 5 month of shooting. We had two extra battery in the set, just the Battery of the „Master“ had to be changed before the Lunchbreak, all the other batterys where charged during Lunch (45min) and lasted for the rest of the day almost every time.
In the beginning I worried a little about the fitting of the headset and would have prefered a beltclip reciever with a headset but it was ok (haven’t lost it as often as i thought).
That is the "technical“ thing, the communicating thing is a twobladed knife in my opinion, because you have a constant feed on one ear from the DP about everything whats going on, little color adjustments in the lights, if the gripassistent brought the right coffee, the feelings of the B Cam operator, all the time.
Maybe 10% relevant for the Cameraassitent. 
And its a Oneway track. So the DP tells you stuff and its a different situation than Face to Face, where you may have thoughts or suggestions about something, but when the Grip, Operator and the Gaffer are on the channel too sometimes you do not have the Moment for suggstions (other instructions are given in the same moment etc.(its not the quite moment you have in a personal conversation (sometimes)) and you get Instructions all day long, when the DP is outside having a coffee, while everybody is setting up the Instructions he had enough time to rethink everything and wants it now upside down, so do it all over again (not just the Problem of a specific DP.)
Another thing is that an exclusive circle of information is emerged, and you have to provide everybody the information needed outside that circle, but you have to do it. Its not that the AD or Set dress could have an ear and be Part.
With that comes the "state of mind" that every thing said in the Headset was heard, (a little missing of walkiettiquette, waiting for a „copy that“) and other departments, not in that circle, left out.
During the Take some people tend to wisper and the microphones on the headsets sometimes make a „zwwwwww“ out of that and that could be a little irritating because you know that something has to be done but Knowbody knows what, is it out of Focus? does the dollymove goes on? is that the light key? or should the B Camera do a propper Framing?
Some times its a little distracting how „deep" in the scene some cerw members are (and always forget to turn off their mics    so that the rest always hear them breathing in the take)
Long story short I think every body has to „learn“ how to work with these things, they could be a big help and speed up things and they could realy get on your nerves. After the first two weeks my head almost exploded because of the constant information flow and I had to learn filtering the constant Talking.
And they do not realy look that good, the ones helicopter pilots have look cool but the eartec things look a little like fisherprice headsets.

Greetings SH

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