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On 3/25/19, 8:11 AM

We all know this issue on set, right?

It depends if there is a rehearsal or not. If not, ill just follow my feeling and the intention of the scene, offcourse you should read the script as a focuspuller so you know what its all about.

If we do rehearse, ill try to find a way to pull 'naturally' and not just the lines. A look in the eyes, a head movement, i feel you can be a part of the scene as a focuspuller, your choice could make it so much more.

but, in some situations the director/dp wants me to pull focus on the lines, in that case, ill memorise the lines and (big TIP) ill look at the boom operator.

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Martin Larsen
On 5/23/19, 6:56 PM

Great topic!

Pulling focus like this is much a feeling to me. The way an actor turns his/her head in a tight two-shot makes the pull seem more dynamic and "hidden". Remember, as focus pullers we actually have a big impact on where the audience will look and what the audience will focus on in the scene. Number 1 thing is to read the script. Usually, you get sides for the day and I keep them close and memorize the dialogue on specific scenes. I also have a talk with the DP and Director, try to find out what they want in the scene. There have even been times when I have sat next to the director and he will tell me or point at the monitor where and when he wants the focus pull. Sometimes that works great because the director gets exactly what he wants. I also keep a tight relationship with the sound guys, and especially the Boom OP. Trying to always be half a second on the pull before he changes the mic position. It usually also helps to not be depended on a monitor for this. Have your marks on point and be in the scene right next to the camera, that way it all becomes more dynamic.

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