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Matthew Borek
On 4/10/20, 9:07 PM

Thanks for posting these encouraging words, Ambar! I have been trying to have an attitude of gratitude while I am self-quarantining with my loving wife and our pets because we have shelter, enough food to eat, and plenty of ways to entertain ourselves but some days are easier than others. I've been attending web seminars hosted by rental houses and camera/lens manufacturers, which I typically learn about via social media, and have also been trying to walk daily and check in with friends and family. Hopefully others are holding it together, staying at home, and we come through the other side of this soon. Take care and all the best!

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Chris Steel
On 4/8/20, 2:53 PM

I was having a pretty rough time two weeks ago when I was about two weeks into pre lockdown social distancing.
Getting outside, clearing the garden, going for short walks really helped. I've also been listening to more podcasts and watching many live streams to try and still feel connected to people. Adam Savage on tested has been great. Inspiring making projects and being encouraged to work on the space you're in rather than worry about what you don't have.

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Ambar B Capoor

--Ambar B Capoor--
--Ambar B Capoor--

I'm very excited to join this excellent forum as an Arri community manager. I have been an Arri product user for 2 decades and enjoy sharing my tips and tricks and enjoy brainstorming to find solutions to any questions you might have. My forte is with the Arri ECS systems, especially the WCU4 and its ecosystem. Looking forward to many interesting conversations with all of you!

Ambar B Capoor
On 4/8/20, 6:36 PM

Thank you for sharing what you did to get out of the funk zone. It's good to hear that. What cool projects are you taking on? I've finally started learning how to play the guitar and am surprised that I'm sticking to it! 

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