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Matthew Borek
On 3/27/20, 5:59 AM

Thanks for starting this thread, Clemens! The current state of affairs has caused me to reflect on how I spend my time, as well as how to move forward once "normalcy" returns. I've been reading about safety on set (https://live.icg600.com/news/safety/, https://soc.org/project/safety-on-set/) and doing my best to forgive myself in advance for not accomplishing much outside of this and spending time with family. My hope is that I can learn how to best utilize my voice to be an effective leader and champion for safety so that when we get back to work I have a better command of positive language and communication skills to assure that my fellow crew members and I always return home to our loved ones or friends or pets or plants safely. Hopefully others will also find value in a better understanding of why safety is important so that when we are reunited on set we are prepared to get the shot and get everyone home unharmed. 

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On 3/23/20, 9:50 PM

I think I'd love to know how others are practicing while stuck at home. I pull out my tape measure or laser measure from time to time and just try to guess how far something is, but I'd love more techniques to help hone focus pulling skills. Or even good resources to read/watch. I wish theBlackandBlue was still going, I used to read that all the time. 

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Matthew Borek
On 3/27/20, 5:34 AM

Hey Matt! I hope this finds you well during these very challenging times. I have two exercises aside from the one you mentioned which I have shared with others hoping to strengthen their distance judging and focus pulling skills:

- lay out a tape measure on the ground and have a person walk towards or away from the end of the tape measure or 'film plane,' the objective is to have the person stop at a designated distance, have the person move quickly some 'takes' and slowly others, this does require another person which may be impossible right now but the exercise may be helpful in the future

- if you have access to a hand unit you can commit the distances of the focus rings to your muscle memory, spin the knob in an attempt to hit marks quickly without adjusting, try going from 20' to 5' in one motion or 10' to 2', it can also aid you when doing snap rack focuses between objects that will not be in a guaranteed set position

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