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Clemens Hönig

--Clemens Hönig--

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Vienna, Austria
--Clemens Hönig--

Hi, I am Clemens Hönig, marketing manager at cmotion. Even though I am not a focus puller myself, my strength is to adapt quickly, spotting problems and come up with solutions. I also like to connect people, as I think everybody can learn from anybody. If you just starting at your carrier, make your own path and if you are already experienced, become a mentor...

Clemens Hönig
On 3/14/19, 7:34 AM

I think the Master Grips are a great tool in a classic shoulder rig application and I really haven`t heard anything bad about them. Even cmotion`s pan-bar and steady-zooms could be used in this configuration as well, I think their real strength is their versatility and size. With the clamp, they can easily be mounted on any pan-bar, rod or handle. You can mount them on a gimbal, steady cam or pan-bar.

So I guess it really depends in which scenarios you want to use the zoom control.

If you go with the cmotion zooms, I would recommend the steady-zoom, as this has two additional soft buttons on the bottom of the zoom (so in total 4), while the pan-bar zoom has only 2. 
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Wow - I didn't even realise there was a difference between the steady and pan bar zooms besides the clamp - great call! I'll hopefully be picking one of these up in the near future...

Aidan Gray
on 3/15/19, 5:45 AM

Rafael del Campo
On 3/26/19, 1:50 PM

I own the SteadyZoom and work very very good, I prefer SteadyZoom vs PanBarZoom, because has the LBUS port perpendicular to Zoom unit, so can be used in more positions without broke the cable. I used some times on arri style handheld configurations direct to handle, and used to wired to WCU4 for steadicam + Zoom, and I control Focus+Iris and Director far to me and wired to me control the zoom, with steadizoom attach to standard handle. Also you can take of the original clamp and make a own custom clamp, in the steadyzoom the LBUS port is on the body, in the PanBar the LBUS is a "external" piece shared with the clamp. 

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