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Teemu Koivisto
On 3/31/20, 6:13 AM

Hi! This is what I came up with. On the unit itself I have a Cameragear thread cube with anti-twist. To that I've screwed on a short Black Diamond dogbone sling. On either side of the sling I have rubber washers to prevent wear. On the loop end of the sling I had a friend make two plastic rings that sandwich together leaving a channel for the fabric loop.

The three days I had a chance to use this on set before the corona shutdown it worked perfect. Very fast and reliable. The sling stays in position so clipping in with the carabiner is quick.

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Philipp Uhl
On 3/11/20, 12:51 PM


When I have to put a monitor on the hand unit I like to use a Monitor Neck-Strap to carry the main weight, and then have the cmotion strap just to keep the hand unit from dangling down. (I have to look if I can find a photo of a setup like this, if I do I will post it here).

And what I also did is replace the ring in the cstrap that is between the strap itself and the pin with a much more roust one, because I've seen more than one strap where the original ring would bend and eventually get loose.

EDIT: ok so I found these two pictures of handheld-setups I use when the shoot asks for a high-bright and/or 7" Monitor.

With the SmallHD 703 Bolt it's easy because you have the neck-strap of the monitor that it comes with: