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Clemens Hönig

--Clemens Hönig--

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Vienna, Austria
--Clemens Hönig--

Hi, I am Clemens Hönig, marketing manager at cmotion. Even though I am not a focus puller myself, my strength is to adapt quickly, spotting problems and come up with solutions. I also like to connect people, as I think everybody can learn from anybody. If you just starting at your carrier, make your own path and if you are already experienced, become a mentor...

Clemens Hönig
On 5/27/20, 7:47 AM

Hey Hector,

Great to see, that many of us are slowly getting back to work!

Unfortunately we do not have an LBUS splitter at the moment. Maybe we can work on something in the future, but for now, the only option would be to use the steady-zoom wireless with a cPRO camin.

For the Alexa Mini/LF please note the following:

To ensure lens metadata is recorded correctly, the motor direction (for ALL motors) must be assigned to LEFT in the camera menu; (Electronic Control System (ECS) / LBUS lens motor configuration). The motor teeth count for each axis must also be set to auto, or entered manually. Motor “ramp” will be reset to SHORT when the cPRO motor is initialized. For example, after rebooting the camera, rebooting the cPRO motor / camin or disconnecting and reconnecting the cPRO motor / camin to the camera. 

Stay safe and in focus!

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Nathan Lederman
On 5/26/20, 8:25 PM

I had the same issue last week. 

Curious what the solution here could be.

Stay safe,


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