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Madrid , Spain

Started out as a focus puller 8 years ago, I shot movies and commercials in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Uk, Bulgaria, Morocco and USA. Love everything camera related, gear porn and sharp lenses. Sharpness is not debatable.

On 5/29/19, 9:26 PM

My configuration (when shooting with imperial scales) is:

- UB1 : lock iris, specially when running behind a steadicam you make sure there will be no unwanted “iris switch”

- UB2: set iris limit

- UB3: system units

- MB1: knob lock, specially between takes, I like to knob the lock while the dip is setting the exposure and I’m doing other things so the focus doesn’t change abruptly 

- MB2: cal all

- BB1: Rec. I wasn’t sure to assign the Rec function to a user button, but once I tried and I really love the fact that you can Rec/run without changing the position of your hands. Still, I have to admit that before I used to assign to the BB the default cal all function and the first day with the new settings I had a whole lot of false clips...

Eoin mcguigan
On 7/26/19, 1:39 AM

The only I seem to be using a lot these days are lock for the bottom user button and then bb1 as call all.

what I’d LOVE would be a user button that fast travels to your lens folder and your premarked ring folder.  Would save precious seconds 

Philipp Uhl
On 5/31/19, 7:02 AM

I use them like this:

- BB1: Rec. Like Fabio said I like to be able to use this button without having to change the position of my hand, plus I still get the problem where sometimes the user buttons are triggered when pressing the original Rec-Button...

- UB1: Knob Lock - probably the button I use most, this way the focus can't change in between takes when I carry the cPro on me with the strap and do other things

- UB2: Slider Lock

- UB3: I change this one depending on the situation, when using a zoom motor this would be Joystick Lock

- MB1: Thumbwheel Lock - I use this so I can't accidentally change the menu page while recording

- MB2: Cal All

So I guess I mostly use them for locking stuff... ;)

I'm really looking forward to the camera control licences, I hope we will get more options for user buttons then, for example a "toggle playback"-Button would be awesome!


Aidan Gray

--Aidan Gray--
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Washington, DC, United States
--Aidan Gray--

IATSE Local 600 Camera Assistant | Washington, DC - Baltimore, MD - New York, NY

Cmotion cPro System Owner 1x cPro Motor, 2x cForce Mini Motors, Teradek Bolt 1000XT 1:1, Teradek SidekickLT, SmallHD 703Bolt, SmallHD 703U, SmallHD 1703-P3X, Bright Tangerine 19mm Bridgeplate, BT Revolvr 19/15mm Studio FF, SolidCamera Scatterbox2 Goldmount/VMount Power Distro, IgniteDigi MoVi Pro System


Aidan Gray
On 5/29/19, 8:54 PM

I pretty much always have my BB1 set to "Cal All", but Fabio Giolitti was talking about setting it to "REC" which I might try... I like setting it to Cal All because theres no chance of accidentally hitting it (less of a problem now that they've implemented the 3-second hold). 

The other 3 user buttons I'll switch up, but I've been doing:

UB1 - Focus Limit

UB2 - Iris Limit

UB3 - Lock Slider

I rarely ever use it with zooms or UDM/Cinetape/Cfinder systems so I really don't have any of that stuff configured...

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