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Madrid , Spain

Started out as a focus puller 8 years ago, I shot movies and commercials in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Uk, Bulgaria, Morocco and USA. Love everything camera related, gear porn and sharp lenses. Sharpness is not debatable.

On 4/5/19, 5:43 AM

I’ve been shooting with the new firmware for about a week now and I’m pretty happy with it. First of all, it has showed to be stable and that’s the most important thing when you are shooting on a tight schedule, as is the case (I think is the case in almost every production nowadays).

among the improvement I liked the most, here’s the top five

- when you block one axis that you have on a lens file (let’s say the iris), the number on the display turns red. It may seem a minor improvement but it’s not. I like to block the iris during the take (unless I need to change it because the dop asked to do so). So, if the iris is blocked and you move the slider, when you hit the block button again, the iris will automatically switch to the new value. So, if you accidentally hit the button during the take, it can be an issue. But now you see clearly wether the axis is blocked or not.

- now on one of the main pages you have the status of the motor highlighted with different colors, also very handy, cause you can have a quick look to it just before to hit the Rec button

- you can now set limits on the motor (let’s say on the focus one) and use the whole rotation of the knob between those two limits. You can also do the other way around.

- now you have to hold for some second the assigned button to calibrate and a message on the display advise you to do so. It took me a little to get used to it, but it avoid unnecessary calibrations if you accidentally hit the button

- network functionality, I actually didn’t test it properly yet because I don’t have two hand unit on set but it’s definitely a major improvement.

good job guys!