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Eoin mcguigan
On 4/19/19, 8:54 PM

hey guys!  4-5 months in and loving the system more than day one!  that said there are a couple SMALL things that i think could make a big difference and save a lot of time.  that said, this team seems to be remarkably adept at anticipating our needs and i'm guessing they're already aware!

just updated to 2.0.3 and will put it to use next week, but something that wasn't included that i'd hope could be added down the line is setting quick shortcuts to anywhere in the menu.  For instance:  a quick button for changing motor direction if you're changing your motor configuration (was on a job recently where I had to go from top mounted to bottom mounted very quickly and often times the dp would want to move right away, so being able to quick jump to a folder with a button versus dive into the menu would be amazing) -- the same applies to the lens folder, being able to jump to that to change a lens versus navigate can save precious seconds.

on the lens folder front - next two requests would be having the ability to structure your lens folder versus having one mass folder with them all inside (or even just being able to set a favorites folder per each shoot) and then lastly, i like having the large list of lens brands available but i'm wondering if there's a way to input a lens name manually.  i have a DP that uses clavius or lomo lenses or other dp's that use randomly converted glass so I'm having to choose a lens that i know i never work with as the "fake" name for the lens.  is there a way to input a lens brand name that you've not included?

ok that's it for me!  loving the system but those adds would be huge for me :)

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Hey Eoin,

Many thanks for your post. Good to hear that you like the system! We will extend the options for soft buttons in the future. However, you can jump quickly in different menus, depending on which info page you are. Just try to press and hold the center button below the display on the different screens, this will take you directly to the related menu. Hope that helps a little.

The lens structure is definitely on our list and planned for the next release, which will be all about lens data handling (import, export, lens file structure and much more).

Thanks for productive input, we really appreciate any feedback and are collecting EVERY feature request we get form the users...



Clemens Hönig
on 4/20/19, 8:19 PM

That’s great! It’s like Christmas each time a new firmware comes out. What about the lens naming folder? Is there a way to input an off brand or uncommon lens name and bypassing the list?

Eoin mcguigan
on 4/20/19, 8:26 PM

Unfortunately not yet, but that should be a part of the next release as well. Don't have a date just yet.

Clemens Hönig
on 4/20/19, 8:28 PM

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