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Maximilian Aponte
On 3/28/19, 8:08 PM

 Didn't think it was going to happen so soon, clearly I was wrong. So far only thing i notice that I'm not a fan of is the new placement of the EVF cable, looks like we're gonna have to make sure that it doesn't get in the way of the operator. The extra output power options is such a welcome addition, gotta keep an eye on how power hungry is it going to be. I see 2 antennas, but I have not seen any wireless video built in info yet. Loved the addition of extra function buttons, odd that they change the position of the FN button to the bottom, maybe is a courtesy for some operators, would have wish they added more ND steps, and the no extra licenses BS is good. And as childish as it looks, I'm really exited by the new EVF, hopefully is compatible with the original mini. 

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Philipp Uhl
On 3/29/19, 8:39 PM

Arri uploaded a few videos on their youtube channel about the Mini LF, and some of your points are actually covered in there:


For example they explain that the new antenna is for better WiFi connection, the one at the back is for LCS like in the original Alexa Mini, so there is no wireless video built in.

The EVF has a completely new connector and won't be compatible unfortunately...

There are 6 videos, I really recommend watching them because I believe that this is the most information you can get about this at the moment (and coming from a reliable source as well)

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