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Carlos Cañal

--Carlos Cañal--
--Carlos Cañal--

My name is Carlos Cañal and I am a Spanish focus puller working in the camera department since I am 19 years old.  I do mainly national and international features films and commercials.  I love to travel, get to know other people, cultures and of course colleagues from around the world.

I am a very happy owner of a cPRO LCS too !!


Carlos Cañal
On 2/26/19, 4:50 PM

Hi Aidan,

heard different rumors around here too!  For me the killer camera to face the Sony Venice (I think we are going to shoot with it a lot!) will be one with a full frame NEW DESIGN sensor and capability to shoot high speed at high resolution.  New recording media will be great too!

I supposed that in any case if they come out with a new Alexa mini it will have the Lbus protocol...

I personally love the Alexa mini, hopefully we will work with a new one soon!


Aidan Gray

--Aidan Gray--
| 5 3 6
Washington, DC, United States
--Aidan Gray--

IATSE Local 600 Camera Assistant | Washington, DC - Baltimore, MD - New York, NY

Cmotion cPro System Owner | 1x cPro FIZ Hand Unit, 1x cPro ONE Hand Unit, 1x cPro Camin1x cPro Motor, 2x cForce Mini Motors

Cmotion SteadyZoom

Cmotion CineFade

OTHER | Technovision MK3 Mitchell Geared Head, Magliner Junior Camera Cart, Yaeger Pro Senior Camera Cart, Teradek Bolt 1000XT 1:1, Teradek SidekickLT, SmallHD 703Bolt, SmallHD 703U, SmallHD 1703-P3X, CAS Advanced Spider Grips, Bright Tangerine 19mm Bridgeplate, BT Revolvr 19/15mm Studio FF, SolidCamera Scatterbox2 Goldmount/VMount Power Distro, IgniteDigi MoVi Pro System


Aidan Gray
On 2/28/19, 7:02 AM

I've also grown to seriously love the Venice, but it just hasn't caught on yet in my market, or on the East Coast as far as I can tell. There are definitely certain shows using it, but most rental houses don't carry them...

A new sensor design would be pretty incredible - I've heard its just the Alexa LF sensor in a smaller package, but that would mean compromises somewhere to deal with the heat...

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Well... I'll be damned, not 10 hours later:


Maximilian Aponte
on 3/28/19, 1:37 PM
Clemens Hönig
on 3/28/19, 1:47 PM


Heard from someone last week that Arri might be announcing a new body yes but Mini LF no. He was saying that Arri will be creating that body so that it will be 24v unlike the mini but then will be bigger too. So not exactly a mini LF but kind of an in between between the Alexa LF and the Alexa Mini.

Maximilian Aponte
On 3/28/19, 4:17 AM

One of the issues with the LF is power consumption, processing power and a way to keep the electronics in working temperatures, if memory serves, it's one of the reasons why the LF is bigger than the XT, which suggests that R&D wise, they don't have a way yet to make the camera small enough without making hard compromises in performance, and there is a lot of people that made a hard investment on the LF, so I don't think Arri is going to come out with a camera this year that undercuts their flagship, maybe next year we might see something that complements it, maybe we'll see a version without the wireless video (so far I heard is not so good). However the announcement of a new sensor might be something this year, I mean it's not like they need it but it's long over due, and having that dual ISO capabilities does come in handy. 

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