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On 5/15/19, 10:57 AM

I swapped my Magliner Junior for a Adicam Large a few months ago and I have to be honest: it's a decent, durable and well made cart. The internal dimensions are a little smaller than a Magliner Senior, but I haven't had any trouble yet rolling around my gear. The wheels are 10" and are great for those difficult terrains. The breaks works well and the fluidness of the internal bearings are very smooth. Price / quality ratio it's a very good cart, it reminds me of the (rather expensive) Innovativ.

What I would like to see in the future are more accessories for the cart, for example: (clip-on) handlebars, cable hooks, designated sideboxes...

So, because I wanted something similar to the Innovativ i've tried to "pimp" my cart with the following:

As I don't need the ability to fold my cart, I installed a:

•jockey box with lock and key

• side box from my Magliner Junior (had to cut out the space for a nice fit): with loosing scews

• "front" box from Proaim, bolted

• touch and go plate from CleansCameraSupport (gold version)

•replace the 4 top-screws to bolt on screws, because I've noticed these were taking up more space..

As you can see I have some random stickers on the side haha :-)

For securing my gear when rolling I use a tie-down strap that I made from wire and a latch, very easy to use.

My general set-up would be on set:

Top-shelf for lenses and "quick to access" parts as in filters, wipes, sharpies, Kenair, spare batteries etc..

Bottom-shelf: spare parts, bnc's, my Cinebag, biggers tool, monitors etc..

Whatever cart you use, It's all about you not breaking your back and having a nice and tidy workspace!

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Eoin mcguigan
On 5/16/19, 3:14 PM

Nice!  Do you know if ADI ships to the USA? Wanting a lightweight option with accessory options but not loving the innovativ price tag :)

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