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Gray McClamrock
On 2/15/20, 4:50 AM

If the operator wants to control focus you either need to pull the motor from the lens and manually adjust focus by the barrel of the lens, or use a OCU-1 which is a small wheel that you attach to camera and is plugged in via L-Bus cable to LCUBE and it allows the operator to override WCU-4 control and control whatever axis you choose with the OCU-1. You should not torque a motor by manually adjusting focus on the barrel of the lens.

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I know that photographers can use OCU-1 and Master Grips to adjust the focus, and I know that they can manually adjust the focus by pulling out the motor. But in the absence of OCU-1 and Master Grips, using a pull-out motor to adjust the focus does not seem to be a good method. Because pulling out the motor is very troublesome, does anyone think so? I think it is possible to suggest that Arri original factory add a shortcut key function, so that the gear of the motor can slide freely after the lens is installed, just like turning off the power, will it be easier for shooting.

on 2/15/20, 5:08 AM

Rafael del Campo
On 2/15/20, 1:01 PM

I use a lot that function for iris. I put iris motor, for read the info on my WCU4 and calculate the deep of field, but on WCU4 menu, I desactívate the iris function of slider. So the motor gears to lens work like a encoder, the info still showing on monitors and WCU4, but the iris barrel can adjust with hands. the motor light flashing red/green, because it’s calibrated but don’t have device for control it.  

I use that function too when I go on Russia a arm or Fligth-head on helicopter, and  the zoom motor must be go trough joystick but usually the info of that motor deducted for zoom don’t has info. So I put two motors on zoom barrel, one for move the zoom trough joystick and console from flight-head and the second one with LDA info turning of the function on WCU4, working only for encode the lens info. 

Menu/control setup/slider/off (for iris)

menu/control setup/stick/off (for zoom) 

always keep Knob function for focus. 

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That’s awesome, does anyone know if this works with the cPro as well? I was hoping for an „iris-encoder-mode“ to use instead of the „set iris“ feature in the cPro menu since the first cPro‘s were delivered, but never tried it the way you did!

Philipp Uhl
on 2/16/20, 4:29 PM

Matt Choules GBCT
On 2/20/20, 12:18 PM

Rafael, thats a very clever solution - I didn't realise it would function like this so I'll definitely be 'borrowing' this idea ;)

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