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Eoin mcguigan
On 11/20/19, 10:21 PM

if you don't want to use the bracket i'd consider using berkey parts (or smallrig) and connect with maybe a carbon rail?



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On 11/21/19, 11:00 AM

Hi Michael! i have Always been mounting my monitors with the cine 16x9 lock on the top of the handunit.
So you can either have em together or put the monitor on a cstand (i use the Manfrotto dado for that. cheap option but works very well)

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thank you for your advice - do you use an additional noga arm or do you mount directly ? Thx

Michael Schallon
on 11/22/19, 9:24 AM

I would mount directly. But im not sure how fixed that is. The monitor bracket is so super solid that it never un-screws itself. I have glued it all together with 2 component metal glue.

on 11/22/19, 10:20 AM

On 11/22/19, 9:58 PM

Before switching to the cmotion bracket I used the "8Sinn Monitor cold shoes mount" and a "Wooden camera universal hot shoe". Solid mounting on the top of the hand unit and some ability to angle the monitor.


Not the best pic but hopefully it will give you some idea on the mounting.

Switched to the Cmotion bracket for a more balanced build and monitor closer to the knob

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